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Er.Radha Krishnan,

B.Tech., Electronics and Communication Engineer
CEO, VGS Wealth Advisory

As we begin the last quarter of 2013 I am very encouraged by the opportunities that lie ahead of us. Opportunities to innovate, chance to create, and occasions to celebrate.

With Immense pleasure, I would like to introduce Vrinda Global Solutions, an integrated company for Education and Information Technology.

At VGS we maintain the highest quality in whatever we do. We believe that all our students have potential to become leaders in their respective fields.

The Objective of the company is not only to produce man power with academic knowledge but also grooming industry leaders with concrete technical knowledge. This will not only result in strengthening the academic knowledge but also provide an orientation that will enable them to explore leadership qualities to gain a growth-oriented career step towards becoming entrepreneurs, after the completion of their Course from the company.

Creativity may look far into the future and innovation a little closer to the present, but celebrating is taking some valuable time to look back and remember with fondness where we have been and what has been done.

I hope that as we head towards the end of the year we can all be a little bit more open to how we can innovate within our lives and jobs; be comfortable to step outside of tradition and creatively see our personal and collective worlds through new eyes; and then take a moment to look back with appreciation from where we have come from.

I ensure an assimilation of talents and success at VGS.

Er.Azhaguvel Subramanian,

B.Tech., M.Tech., (PhD) Computer Engineer
Director, VGS Education Hub


The driving factors for the radically changing world include globalization, emerging nano-technologies and numerous advances in product development. These factors shape and change the demographical, learning behavior and surviving style of individuals, families, business entities as well as the society as a whole.

In this day and age, many people strive in vain to achieve intended successes or desired results by many forms of techniques and approaches. Why does this happen? Often, one of the biggest sins of managers in an attempt to solve problems, is to manage people but lose focus on 'bigger' views, to see solutions to problems.

Very often, they drill into the 'jungle and undercurrent' of problems but fail to zoom up like a helicopter or submarine to see the forest or the blue ocean. In reality, we can't actually manage people, even our own self!.Instead, we can only manage our resources (time, money, material ,information etc.) while influencing others or oneself(self-leadership) continuously as a life-long learner or an organic healthy organization.

Evolutionary as well as revolutionary change processes are of utmost importance to maintain top-level performance. We need a paradigm shift to think about 'Managing resources by leading people or oneself to achieve high performance results'. We must do the right things right by employing the right methods at the right time with the team members or partners we are associated with. We must recognize who are our 'enemies' and acknowledge who we are. Further to do this, one must be a good 'transformer', flexible and adaptable to environmental changes like water.

There is a phrase 'As water shapes its flow in accordance with the ground, so an army manages its victory in accordance. Know the enemy, know yourself; your victory will never be endangered. Know the ground, know the weather, your victory will then be total'.

One must be able to dream and visualize far, able to internalize new abstracts and complex ideas, and to take risks for real-world testing and the pursuit of excellence. One must go beyond the seashore to discover new ventures and opportunities. We need to emulate the great voyagers and scientists like Chritopher Columbus, James Brooke and Charles Darwin. They dared to sail out into the rough seas, to weather the thunder and storms.

They discovered many great things through experiential learning. Indeed, their achievements through hands-on experience, reflective mindsets, wisdom, sharing of findings and gathering of useful information serve to inspire the next generation to ponder and try new challenges.

Together We Excel!


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